Money Matters

Money matters

Children need to bring money to school for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below.  Please ensure that your child has a purse or wallet that they can keep on their person, as school cannot be held responsible for the loss.

Dinner Money

Payable daily, weekly or termly by cash or cheque.  If you send in cash please place in a sealed and named envelope.  Cheques should be made payable to “Town Junior School”, please include your bankcard details on the back of each cheque.

Trips & Outings

Children are offered a variety of excursions during their time at school.  Contributions towards these are voluntary, but a trip may have to be cancelled if insufficient people contribute.  Money can be paid in instalments and if you do have difficulty, please see the Head Teacher at the earliest opportunity to discuss the matter.  Careful accounts are kept and can be viewed after the event has taken place. Please make cheques payable to "Town Junior School".

Special Events

From time to time we have charity fund raising events in school.  These might be “Mufti Days”, games afternoons or sponsored quizzes.  On these occasions you will be informed in writing so that both you and your children are prepared.  We feel it important for our children to have an awareness and understanding of the world around them.