Staff Directory

Head  Teacher

  •  Mrs Adrienne Smith

 Deputy Head Teacher

  •  Mrs Julie Gilmour

Teachers for 2017/2018


  • Miss N Wilson


  • Mrs J Devitt

Year 3 Support: Miss S Collins & Mrs J Lilly


  • Mr S Penhall


  • Mrs F Godwin & Mrs A L'Homme

Year 4 Support: Mrs S Richardson and Mrs A Gannon


  • Miss P Evans


  • Miss H Powis

Year 5 Support: Mrs S Hamid and Miss Z Kyrwood


  • Mr M Murrell


  • Miss M Rodgers

Year 6 Support: Mrs T Potter and Mrs A Collins

Whole School Support

                          Miss Morris


  • Mrs Dawn Dovey

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Julie Lilly
  • Mrs Alison Gannon
  • Miss Samantha Collins
  • Mrs Anne Collins
  • Mrs Simone Richardson
  • Miss Zara Kyrwood
  • Mrs Sameera Hamid
  • Mrs Tiffany Potter
  • Mrs Kathryn Brookes
  • Mr Oliver Davies


 Learning Mentor

  • Ms O’Grady
  • Miss Dodd

Office Staff

  • Miss Kim Gwinnett – Office Manager
  • Mrs Elaine Crowe – Office Administrator
  • Mrs Linda Evans – Office Administrator / Librarian

Kingfishers Staff (After School Club)

  • Mrs Lesley Eccelston (Manager)
  • Mrs Gaye Black (Play Co-ordinator)
  • Ms Meryl Baker (Play Co-ordinator)
  • Miss Yasmin Dodd (Play Co-ordinator)
  • Mr Oliver Davies (Play Co-ordinator)
  • Mrs Emma Lovett (Play Co-ordinator)

Building Site Manager

  • Mr Peter McNab
  • Mr Matthew Falen – Cleaning Supervisor

Catering Supervisor

  • Mrs Elizabeth Adams

General Catering Assistants

  • Mrs Tracy Johnston
  • Miss Lydia Sutton

Dinner Supervisors

  • Mrs Gaye Black (Senior Supervisor)
  • Ms Meryl Baker
  • Mrs Veronica Breslin
  • Mrs Lesley Eccleston
  • Mrs Julie Lilly
  • Mrs Emma Lovett
  • Ms Sandra Harris
  • Miss Chelsea Eccleston