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 Governor Survey to Parents May 2017

As part of our continuing commitment to school improvement, the Local Governing Board were interested in finding out whether the information we are given at our meetings on how much the school has improved matched with the views parents had of the school.   

A survey was conducted at the parents evenings held during the week beginning 22 May 2017.  30 questions were asked in the survey, which dealt with views on the Teaching & Learning, Care, Well Being & Behaviour of Pupils, Trips and Out of School Activities, Staff and Communication, Resources and Facilities of the school.   Many thanks to the 92 parents/carers who completed the survey.   The Local Governing Board have read and discussed the feedback which we appreciate and take very seriously.  Where appropriate, the comments where room for improvement or concerns were raised have been taken on board by Mrs Smith and will be addressed as necessary.

The school received some wonderful comments from parents and, overall, the results were overwhelmingly positive.   Please click here to see the survey results in full. 

A Summary of the Results revealed that:

  • 90% of parents surveyed thought that the overall standard of education was excellent or good;
  • 87% of parents surveyed agreed that their child's enjoyment of learning at school was excellent or good;
  • 86% of parents surveyed thought the leading and management of the school was excellent or good;
  • 85% of parents surveyed thought the approachability of staff was excellent or good; and
  • 85% of parents surveyed thought the school rated excellent or good.


Comments made by Parents/Carers included the following:

  • "The approach to teaching has helped my child to engage and become more enthusiastic to learning".
  • "My child is extremely happy at school and I'm delighted with her progress".
  • "I think the school has developed a lot in the past few years and my children are all happy, well supported and are learning very well".
  • "My child is extremely happy as school. I can’t thank the staff enough"
  • "Super availability of school trips this year. Many thanks to staff for their extra time in arranging and going on trips".


As with any survey, there are areas to improve on and these include:

  • Ensuring parents feel happier with the level of homework provided to their child
  • Communicating how the school is resourced and the facilities that are available to the children
  • The range of extra- curricular activities
  • Communicating the work of the Governing Body more effectively


It was comforting to see that the responses received matched the data and information we as Governors receive through our meetings.  The Governors have asked Mrs Smith to pass on our congratulations and thanks to the staff for their hard work and positive engagement with parents/carers.

Please see future newsletters and communications from the Governors about the continuing work we do and how we and the school are working on the areas identified for improvement.