Arriving on Time

School starts at 8.50am and the gates are opened at 8.40am. Should there be any unavoidable circumstances, which prevent you getting your child to school on time, we would like you to know that we would want your child to come to school whatever the time is.  It’s so much better to arrive late rather than not arrive at all.  However, those first ten minutes are so important for your child to have time to settle and organise themselves before starting their learning.  Lessons do begin at 9.00am and essential teaching takes place from this time – missing this input does put your child at a disadvantage.  If you come to the school office in these circumstances  Ms Gwinnett or Mrs Crowe will ensure that your child is signed in and booked in for lunch.


If your child is absent we will always need to know the reason.  A telephone call every day of your child's absence or a note will save us having to get in touch with you.  We regularly monitor the attendance of all children and will contact you if we feel that levels of absence are affecting your child’s progress.  Many parents ask about accepted levels of attendance.   It is commonly thought that attendance below 95% impacts on children’s learning.  The following chart shows the cumulative effect of absence:

Percentage Attendance Time missed in days over 1 year Time missed in days over 3 years
90% – 95% 10 – 19 days missed 30 – 57 days missed
85% – 90% 24 – 30 days missed 72 – 90 days missed: The equivalent of more than 1 term
80% – 85% 32 – 40 days missed: More than half a term 96 – 120 days: The equivalent of two terms
Below 80% More than one day every week is missed which is more than 40 days a year One year missed out of three or children miss two full years of their primary education

Leaving School During Teaching Time

If you need to take your child to the dentist or doctors could you please collect them from the school office.  They will need to be signed out as they leave and signed in when they return to school.  We do realise that appointments cannot always be made during the holidays or outside of school time.

Fast Track initial Attendance Letter

Click here for copy of Letter

Safety Around the School Site

We ask that parents use the front entrance to the school for safety reasons.  The gates around the field and playground are locked during the day.  The front door has a coded security lock.  We therefore feel confident we can control access and keep our children safe.

We take attendance very seriously and aim to achieve more than 95% attendance across the whole school.  We give termly certificates for those children who achieve 100% attendance.  We send letters home where attendance falls below 90% and ask that you come and discuss the matter with us.

We know that children, particularly at this age, are susceptible to illness but we hope that you will do your best to ensure that they come to school regularly.  If your child is ill for a long time please make an appointment to see the class teacher who will help to fill in missed work.  However, there really is no substitute for being at school.

Holidays are always a difficult issue!  Unfortunately, we are now unable to authorise any time off for holidays. Therefore, any holidays taken in school term time will have to be recorded as an unauthorised absence.  Should you still require time off please ask at the office for a Exceptional Circumstances - Pupil Term Time Leave request form which will still need to be filled in.