School Uniform

We wish our children to be suitably dressed for school, please will you:

  • Mark all items of clothing clearly with your child’s name
  • Make sure that no jewellery is worn to school. (small stud earrings are acceptable for those with pierced ears)
  • Ensure your child does not wear any form of make-up or nail varnish to school
  • Ensure that your child has an appropriate hair style for school

General day wear

  • Grey trousers or Grey skirt
  • Green and white dresses in Summer Term only.
  • White Polo Shirts have now replaced white shirts (September 2005)
  • School Bottle green sweatshirt
  • School Bottle Green Fleeces are also available for outdoor use
  • White / grey socks
  • Black sensible school shoes - no heels, canvas or trainers please!

P.E. kit (Needed in Twice a Week)

Outdoor Kit:

    • Black shorts, Black track suit bottoms
    • School Tee-shirt
    • School games sweatshirt
    • Trainers
    • Clean pair of socks
    • Children with long hair need to tie it back please

Indoor Kit:

    • Black Shorts
    • School Tee-shirt
    • Trainers
    • Clean pair of socks

Swimming Kit:

    • Costume
    • Towel

Changes to the OFSTED criteria in January 2014 mean that from now on, inspectors will be looking at the number of children who are wearing full uniform in school.  Could you please ensure that children have got the correct uniform (Listed above).  Thank you

All uniform can now be bought from Clive Marks in Wylde Green.