Working Together

Working together ~ keeping each other informed

We aim to keep you informed about school and your child’s progress. In order to do so we use a number of ways:

Parents Evenings

  • Autumn Term – for informal information exchange
  • Spring Term – the most important – how your child is progressing
  • Summer Term – Open Day and an opportunity to discuss your child’s report

An Annual School Report

  • Issued in July summing up your child’s progress
  • In Y6 this includes your child’s SATS results


  • Presently, hard copies are handed out on alternate Fridays
  • The newsletter is uploaded onto the website and can be printed off

By Talking

  • Any time you feel concerned or pleased ~ please feel free to make an appointment with the teacher

If your child is upset or if your home circumstances change for any reason at all please do inform us as it really does help us to know. Things, which adults see as small things, can affect a child’s behaviour and concentration in school. If we know about them it can help us to help your child. Obviously, all information given will be regarded as confidential.

Each term you will be given the school’s programme of work for your child. This will tell you what your child will be doing in all aspects of the curriculum for the term.

If you have a message or quick question to ask please pop in either before or immediately after school.  If you would like a longer time to talk with either the class teacher or the Head Teacher a time can easily be arranged.  Staff are very willing to talk with parents at any time.

There will be special meetings to inform you about specific areas of the curriculum. e.g. reading and how you can help your child at home.

Parents are always welcome at Town School and we go out of our way to encourage parents to work with us in classrooms or around school.

Guidance is given to parents who would like to help in school on a regular basis.

Parents and friends of the school can also contribute to school life by:

  • Talking to children about specific interest
  • Demonstrating particular talents
  • Sharing skills and experiences
  • Talking to children about their jobs

All this helps us to make things more stimulating and interesting for the children